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Sherry Gorrell

Sherry Gorrell

The Biography of Sherry Gorrell

Hello! my name is Sherry Gorrell and I consider myself a Possibility Practitioner!
A Certified and Supreme Court approved mediator, facilitator, and collaboration coach since the late 1990’s, I have come to absolutely know that within every conflict lies opportunity to create powerful and positive change mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually…for all involved! Within every pain are possibilities. Within every ending is a brand new beginning. One of my greatest joys is facilitating and empowering individuals, divorcing couples, families, co-workers, project groups, non-profits, small government agencies and others to navigate through “challenging” experiences, connect with what inspires them, and evolve into energized, collaborative people and teams!


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing), Boise State University, 1985-1988.
  • Certified Professional Mediator, Idaho Mediation Association, January 1999
  • Idaho Supreme Court Approved Mediator, January 2000
  • Project Alignment (Partnering) Certified Facilitator, June 2000
  • EEO Certified & Advanced U.S. Postal Service Mediator, 1998; 2002
  • Collaborative Divorce Professional, November 2009
  • Over 970 Hours of Facilitation , Mediation, Healing and Human Behavior Training

Business Experience

Over 30 (!) years of Corporate and Small Business ownership experience include 15 years with Albertsons, Inc., Boise Cascade Corp. and a small law firm. I then created, restored and managed a bustling antique mall and coffeehouse in a historic downtown building from 1993 – 1998, empowering and collaborating with over 20 employees and volunteers, while actively serving on the Downtown Board Association.

In 1998 I sold the business and focused on becoming certified as a business and family mediator and facilitator and Resolutions, Inc. was born. A few years later, 3 other mediators and I created Common Ground Conciliation Services, a 501(c)3 to assist the community and local churches with the resolution of conflict; later serving as c0-executive director. Once this was up and successfully running, for 2 years, I also pursued a dream of creating a travel website, connecting cultures around the world. It was quite a journey and learning experience. This background, combined with additional community involvement, gave me a well-rounded understanding of individual, couple and work team dynamics…and the power of communication and collaboration!

Background and Interests… Why Facilitation and Mediation?

I grew up in Idaho, am a single Mom to 2 independent and intelligent grown daughters and friend to many. I am a student of metaphysics and an avid reader. I love hiking, cycling, global adventure and different cultures!

Over many years of personal and professional life I have been impacted by conflict, like most of us. Deeply curious, I started asking questions…why are some people more resilient than others?

How can we truly shift conflict into opportunity?

How can we release the trauma of the past and the fear of the future?

What creates happiness and harmony?

What is the secret to living a fulfilling, purposeful, positive and passionate life?

How can divorcing moms and dads transition and move forward while parenting their children in a healthy, collaborative and communicative two-home family?

What is the magic to groups of people or work teams coming together in a mindful, communicative, unified way to create change, work happily day to day, and/or build successful projects?

These questions have led me to be a life-long student and facilitator of Bringing People Together.


To creatively, effectively and enthusiastically facilitate, educate and empower individuals and groups to shift challenges into opportunities; co-workers into cohesive teams; work places into creative and healthy environments of possibility; and tasks into successful projects using transformative methods such as Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Non-Violent (Compassionate) Communication, The Sedona Method and Byron Katie’s “The Work”. To accept projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally while collaborating with other professionals when beneficial to enhance the positive outcome for the clients!

Project Experience Examples

  • Divorce and Family Mediations
  • Collaborative Divorce: Bringing Clients, Attorneys, Therapists and Financial Experts together
  • Employee/Employer/EEO Mediations, US Postal Service, Spokane Region
  • Employee/Employer Mediations, National Interagency Fire Service, Boise, Idaho
  • Employee/Employer Mediations and Team Facilitations, US Forest Service
  • Management/Union Solutions Training, US Postal Service, Spokane Region
  • Community Facilitation/Mediation/Consulting, Idaho Dept of Health
  • Community Facilitation/Mediation/Consulting, City of Boise
  • Student Officer Organization Teamwork Training, Boise State University
  • Team Training, Idaho Commission of the Arts
  • Small Non-Profit Collaboration Team Retreat, LINC
  • Strategic Planning using Appreciative Inquiry, The Idaho Transportation Department
  • Employee/Employer Mediations, Bureau of Reclamation
  • Small Claim Mediations & Teambuilding, Valley County, Idaho
  • Process Management Team Facilitation, The Idaho Transportation Department
  • Construction Partnering Facilitation, The Idaho Transportation Department
  • Construction Partnering Facilitation, The Federal Highway Administration
  • Resolution of Conflict Training, Hospital Staffs in the Northwest
  • Mediation/Facilitation/Training, Boise Community Churches
  • Private Small Business and Partnership Mediations and Facilitations

Resume and References:

Sherry Gorrell Collaborative Divorce (PDF)