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Construction Partnering

Construction Partnering


Construction projects, large and small, are often a pile of problems, challenges, and question marks. Hopefully, when the problems, challenges and question marks are resolved, the project is done. All too often issues are not dealt with proactively and so contractors, owners, subs, etc. become frustrated and communication breaks down. Often claims and lawsuits are filed. What was a $5,000 issue can become a $50,000 issue. And how do you put a price on the emotional anguish of having a case go on for up to two years before going to court?

There is a better, proactive way.

If you are involved in a project, no matter how small, Sherry can facilitate one meeting prior to the ground breaking OR regular meetings with all the stakeholders of the project to make sure everyone is on the same page prior to and during the life of the project.

This form of partnering consists of building a team among representatives of the government agency or the organization/person that own the project, the primary contractor, the designer; and if needed, the city, the railroad, and any other major stakeholder(s) on the project.

This process includes strategic, business, and technical goal setting:

  • Proactive definition and promotion of opportunities;
  • Definition and prevention of risks;
  • Development of communication and contract administration systems;
  • Alignment of professional behavioral standards along with awareness and understanding of different behavioral styles; and
  • Alignment of confrontation processes to preclude claims.

The goal here is to build a collaborative Project Team to keep the project safe, completed on time, within budget, and with NO claims or lawsuits.


If the project is already involved in a claim or lawsuit, Sherry can strategically mediate the dispute with all the parties. Often it is helpful to have a neutral, technical expert brought in to assist in this process of negotiation and understanding. The goal here is to reach a written agreement, signed off by all of the involved parties, and to settle the claim or lawsuit.


Two Party:

  • $700: 1/2 day rate up to four hours.
  • $1200: Full day rate up to 9 hours. $125/hour after 9 hours.
  • $125/hour: Coordination, pre/post mediation conferences, phone calls, emails, document preparation, etc.


  • $1000:  ½ day rate up to four hours.
  • $1500 – $3000: Full day rate up to 9 hours. $125/hour/mediator after 9 hours.
  • May pull in co-mediator to assist large group intervention and collaboration.
  • $125/hr – Site inspections, document review, pre-mediation conferences, follow up phone calls, document preparation, etc.

*Mediations out of the Boise, Idaho area would also include travel time and travel expenses.