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Employment Disputes

Employment Disputes


How much happier would you and Team and/or co-workers be if issues were dealt with in a mindful, timely matter and communication was proactive, respectful and future focused?  (Rather than waiting until employees are missing work with stress related issues, quitting, or seeking the help of an attorney)?

How would Sherry work with your Team?

With co-worker or Team challenges, after talking with the contact person about an overview of the situation, I will follow up with a phone call with each person involved. This is beneficial to get an individual perspective of what is being experienced and felt by each Team member.  It also helps each person to feel comfortable with me and develop a sense of trust.

A few questions we’ll address:

  • What are your primary concerns right now?
  • What are you wanting to create?
  • What would be a best case scenario for the Team as a whole?

After getting a “pulse” from individuals and the Team as a whole I will make a recommendation of which process might work most effectively and holistically to bring the Team together…working with particular individuals together first and then bringing everyone together. OR starting out with all Team members…

We’ll then schedule a day and meet in a safe and comfortable environment (away from your work).

Building on the concerns that came up in the phone calls, we will concentrate on what you each/ALL  determine creates a HEALTHY HAPPY SUCCESSFUL TEAMstaying present and future focused. (Learning from the past…not rehashing the past).

A few more questions we’ll address:

  • What communication processes could benefit your Team?
  • What does respectful and effective communication look like?
  • How often will you get together and how will you manage your meetings effectively?
  • What action items, time-lines and feedback processes will be put in place?
  • How will we create accountability?

We’ll create an Agreement or Team Charter

This will serve as your ROAD MAP for SUCCESS and bring commitment and accountability for all of you!



Two Party Mediation:

  • $700: 1/2 day rate up to four hours.
  • $1200: Full day rate up to 9 hours. $125/hour after 9 hours.
  • $125/hour: Coordination, pre/post mediation conferences, phone calls, emails, document preparation, etc.


  • $1500 – $3000+: Full day rate up to 9 hours. $125/hour/mediator after 9 hours.
  • May pull in co-mediator to assist large group intervention and turnaround.
  • $125/hr – Site inspections, document review, pre-mediation conferences, follow up phone calls, document preparation, etc.

*Facilitation or Mediations out of the Boise area would also include travel time and travel expenses.